Wednesday, 7 July 2010

cheese and spinach rolls

cheeze and spinach sausage rolls (and triangles)

I had been thinking about these cheese and spinach rolls about which Carla posted. So I made them! They were super easy, and super delicious, though next time I think I might reduce the spinach just a tad. For reference, I used about 300g of tofu, which is about half a pack.

Also I skipped the food processor - I found it easier to mix by hand.

I made these as a mixture of triangles and rolls.


Anonymous said...

wow they look SUPER YUMMY!!!!!!!!

Kitchen Witch said...

Wah-ha-hoo!! Those look gooood. I think my boyfriend would dig them.

Just found your blog, I really like it! We should swap links!

steph said...

Thanks for the recipe, Carla! It was awesome!

Hi, Kitchen Witch! Nice blog. :o)