Sunday, 26 December 2010

yong green food ii, fitzroy

When Yong Green Food opened just over a year ago, I raced out and dined there almost within that first week. Even though the menu was limited, everything was fantastic and I knew I wanted to go there again. Yet it has taken me a full year to return.

Last week I met up with some friends for dinner, and we were pleased to see so much choice. We each began with a cacao raw milkshake. Mine was quite banana-y, which I really enjoyed (J's, by comparison, was more cacao-y). We followed this with a shared portion of gyoza. These were okay, but nothing special, and needed a little more steaming to really soften the wrappers.

teriyaki chicken at yong's

Lisa's recent post of top eats of 2010 was at the forefront of my mind, with chicken teriyaki listed at the top of her post. So I decided to order it! This was delicious, it really reminded me of when I used to eat meat and would over indulge at Nagano Japanese, just down the road from my house in Crawley. I loved the teriyaki flavour.

My dining companions chose the rawsagna and the dragon bowl. I've heard good things about the dragon bowl, but my sampling of the dish didn't blow me away. J enjoyed the rawsagna, but commented that there could have been less cashew cream and more tomato flavour.

raw cheezecakes at yong's

We rounded out the meal with two cheezecakes between the three of us, and we went for the green tea and the blueberry. These were just as good as I remembered, with a wonderful nutty + dried fruit base, and delicious cake-y bits. So delicious, so worth it.

Definitely glad I made the effort to return to Yong. I hope that my next visit won't also take another twelve months!

There have been heaps of reviews of Yong Green Food, this is not even all of them: Wayfaring Chocolate (an out of town review!); The Big V; MEL: HOT OR NOT (it got a HOT); Where's the Beef?; In the Mood for Noodles; Aduki; Fitzroyalty.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street

Not open Mondays

GF options available

Saturday, 25 December 2010

discobeans cafe + artspace ii

You may remember my previous visit to Discobeans, where I had expected deliciousness and ended up with saltiness. However, the good reviews continue, and I decided to give it a second go.

Katie goes all the time, and we ordered to share, based on her experience. We ordered some miso soup each, as well as edamame and tempeh to start.

trying out the discobeans again

The tempeh was delicious. I really enjoyed the flavour of the sauce, and munching away on these little tempeh slices. The miso was not too salty, and the edmame was just right.

okonomiyaki at discobeans

For mains we tried out the vegan okonomiyaki and the soba noodle salad. The okonomiyaki was super delicious, and I would definitely order it again. The salad was fine but not really my thing, too vinegary for my tastes.

So second verdict: much better than the first. And we got to sit outside in the back courtyard! Which was very nice.

238 High St

Friday, 24 December 2010

high tech burrito ii: adventures in substitution

I've blogged previously about High Tech Burrito in Glenferrie and, embarrassingly, that review is actually up on the front window at High-Tech, above a giant sign calling for the attention of vegans and vegetarians: all their burritos can be made vegan or vegetarian.

My most recent forays to High-Tech have been an expedition to find out how well these meaty burritos translate to vegan.

thai chicken burrito (with tofu instead of chicken + no cream)

My first modified burrito was, on recommendation from the counterhand, the Thai Chicken burrito, subbed with tofu and with no cream. This burrito, served in a tomato flavoured tortilla, was amazing. The curry had a great flavour, and was a little spicy, and I loved it. It was just like eating a red curry from the local Thai restaurant, but in a burrito. I definitely want to eat this again.

salsa + cornchips

Also on this visit, I once again sampled the salsa and cornchips, mostly because I think one particular lunch companion, who ordered them, is obsessed with them. The chips are made on the premises, and there's something about them that is totally delicious.

at hitech to try another burrito

My second burrito attempt was the Yellow Curry Shrimp, with veggies and tofu subbed in. This was okay, but nothing exciting. The curry flavour was a bit mild and the vegetables didn't really suit it. Probably won't try this one again.

Also on this visit, I discovered that people who work on Glenferrie Road get a discount! And also that there's a special, cheaper menu for students.

I'm so pleased with this whole substitution thing, and am definitely looking forward to future visits where I explore these options more.

GF options are available

High-Tech Burrito
838 Glenferrie Road

Monday, 20 December 2010

mr nice guy neopolitan cupcakes

One of the new Mr Nice Guy cupcake flavours is neopolitana, so of course I raced out to eat it, and then failed to blog about it.

Mr Nice Guy Neopolitana Cupcake

I really like this cupcake! The chocolate is good, and the strawberry icing is not too sweet or overwhelming, and the vanilla sets it all off nicely. I like it!

You can win a dozen Mr Nice Guy cupcakes via Beat magazine right now, and on the competition page you can also see my photo! The photo is fine, it is a shame the icing had gotten squished on the way home from Empire.

Previous Mr Nice Guy cupcakes in my mouth: jaffa + key west.

Other people eating the Neapolitan: Pip eating at New Day Rising.

Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes
Address: at a handy cafe (I go to Empire on Sydney Road)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

plush pizza vi

It has been a long time between visits for me to Plush Pizza, about five or six months. I went there twice recently, and as I gazed upon the menu I realised I had never, in all my visits, tried the margharita pizza!

margharita at plush

It was good, but nowhere near a favourite, and I will be honest I picked most of the greenery off, and found that the garlic was a bit overwhelming. And with the owners selling, at this point no one knows if it will continue as an amazing vegetarian eatery, or change in to omni hands, so for now I will continue stuffing as much satay pizza in to my mouth as possible.

Previous visits: one, two, three, four, five.

Plush Pizza
85 Burwood Road

GF options (including bases) available

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

announcing: potluck (a food carnival of intersectionality)

I love talking about food. And reading about food, and people's experiences with food. So Glass_Icarus and I, inspired by some recent posts (including but not limited to gross, weird, inedible (redux) by vi, Doodh se Dhuli by deepad, and seven things by troisroyaumes), have decided to start an ongoing food carnival, looking at multicultural and intersectional discussions of food.
There are no real limits on theme; however, the focus of the carnival is on thoughts and experiences around food through various topics that you might see around the social justice blogosphere, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights and of course cultural and racial issues. We welcome you to share your recipes as well as your thoughts and experiences, but we ask that you do not submit posts with recipes only.
Wow, how much stuff did I forget to include in that list? Heaps! This is what happens when you write a blog thing when your headspace is somewhere else (writing learner guides for courses on education for sustainability). Sorry! There are many more various topics that should have been included on that list! And I want to write about them all! Well, I want someone to write about them. I probably can't write about food + being trans, or food + religion, or food + disability. FOR EXAMPLE.

The theme for the first potluck is holidays. Submissions can encompass anything you like, including holidays you might be celebrating nowish (Christmas, Hannukah), or recently (Eid al-Adha), or soon (Lunar New Year), or ages ago. Any holiday or festival.

You can submit in the original announcement post, or via email to glass_icarus AT dreamwidth DOT org, who will be hosting the first edition.

Please feel free to submit links to your own posts or to someone else's. You may submit multiple links. Links will be included at the discretion of the host. We welcome anyone to participate from any blogging platforms. The deadline for submissions for the first edition of Potluck is JANUARY 21, 2011.

This is totally relevant to you, vegans and vegetarians who read my blog! Write about intersectionality and food. DO IT.

oranges and mandarins are like gold

Monday, 13 December 2010

easy brown lentil salad

As the weather warms up (not that today is that warm), I've been making some salads. My salad making has become distinctly influenced by the salads made at Friends of the Earth in Collingwood, which is not a bad thing at all; the focus at FoE is on really simple, roundly nutritional salads, and it's exposing me to all sorts of salad combinations I'd never previously considered!

lentil salad

Twice now I've made this lentil salad at home. If you use canned lentils (which - this was my first time!), then it's fast and easy, and delicious! It goes well as a side with pies, or puff pastry triangles.

easy brown lentil salad

1 x 400g can brown lentils, rinsed well + drained
1 carrot, peeled + diced tiny
half a punnet cherry tomatoes, halved
handful spinach, rinsed + torn
half an avocado, diced
1 - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, preferably fresh but does not have to be

method: combine all the ingredients. serve or eat from the bowl.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

red velvet cupcakes

I'd seen mentions of red velvet cupcakes around the place before, but until the cupcakes at Cupcake Central, I'd never had the opportunity to eat one. They were tasty (and I've eaten them several times since), but nothing AMAZING; I'd felt misled by the internets, which had proclaimed how amazing red velvet cupcakes were.

For fairness, I thought I would give baking them on my own a go, to keep on trying for what was supposed to be the greatest cupcake in the world.

red velvet cupcakes

I googled for a while, and checked out my books, for a variety of recipes. Eventually I used this recipe at Mac + Cheese. I ended up having to make two batches, because I didn't notice the tiny (but critical) 'makes about 22 cupcakes' and so made the full batter. This worked out ok, because the batter sat just fine in the fridge for a couple of days, and meant I kept myself in cupcakes for almost a week.

The batter was interesting. It was easy to mix, and fun to look at. It looks grossly awesome!

red velvet primodial batter

Baking was excellent - I didn't need to change anything about the timing or temperature, the cupcakes were just in and out with no adjustments, and the baking was perfect. A perfect rise, and very nice and soft.

The icing was a tad difficult, and I required assistance. The task was not aided by the hot weather, which led to the icing sliding off the cupcakes. I took to keeping them in the fridge.

icing the red velvets

I found the texture, especially after keeping them in the fridge, very pleasant. The cupcakes were firm but light, and the icing was perfect. The flavour of the cupcakes was a tad tart, I suspect this was due to the apple cider vinegar. Next time I might reduce the amount a little, and see how that changes the flavour, because I didn't enjoy that after taste, though I did enjoy the flavour of the eating.

Overall, a good experience! Not the world's greatest cupcake flavour by far, but delightful, and I would bake these again.