Monday, 12 July 2010

shakahari iv

Went to Shakahari for dinner twice last week, and took nary a photo because I hate the lighting at Shakahari and can never take a good photo there with Toy Camera (the Ixus 55).

So here's a photo of a strawberry daquiri I had earlier this year; their seasonal daquiris are always super tasty and I often order one with dinner. Danni had the Nirvana, which was also pretty amazing.


Fortunately for two visits in one week, the menu has changed since our last visit in April. The entrees and mains are now all vegan! And about 75% gluten free. Exciting!

Over the last week, between the two of us Danni and I have tried the following (not their actual names): polenta triangles (gf); buckwheat flatbread (gf); lentil lasagna; malaysian curry thing (gf); pumpkin soup (gf except for the bread on the side); couscous de fes; tofu caramel (gf).

Shared the polenta triangles and the flatbread between seven people as entrees. The flatbread came with a really nice pesto, I think there was tomato and chilli involved and it was delicious. The polenta was good, but a bit polenta grainy.

I tried the puy lentil lasagna on Tuesday (it was my birthday). The flavour was fine, but I didn't really enjoy the use of the lentils - they didn't bind together at all, which I love in lasagna. It's not that the lasagna was bad, it's just that I don't think it was my thing. Em had the lasagna last night, and she agreed.

Danni had the couscous de fes (maybe alla fes), which she described as good, but not spectacular.

I had an entree soup upsized to a main last night, as I wasn't feeling very hungry. The soup of the day was pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato and chickpea, blended to a smooth soup. I was intrigued and slightly concerned by this combination, but it had a beautiful texture and a yummy flavour, and Danni was jealous.

Danni ate the curry, it was a slightly sweet and spicy beany curry served with dahl, papadums and rice. It was tasty! I would order this.

Other delicious things I sampled were the risotto + potato pot pie (gf) which was good but apparently really filling, due to the risotto; and the sago pudding (gf) which was exactly as it sounds. I would like to order the risotto one time.

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201 Faraday St

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Kate said...

Yay! I am going there with friends for my bday on sat, looks like an awesome new menu (but can't go past those avocado rolls)!