Tuesday, 30 August 2011

las vegan nirvana iii

you'll be happy you did!

It's been ages between visits to Las Vegan Nirvana for me; in fact, I suspect I've not had a meal there since it changed hands last year. So it was with delight that Emilly and I meandered over there on a recent weekend. The weather was lovely and we walked east from Carlton through to Collingwood, and by the time we arrived at Las Vegan we were quite hungry.

Despite brunch still being available, we both went for some delicious lunch options (as well as some freshly squeezed orange juice, which was slightly tart but in a good way).

satay wrap thing

I went the tofu + tempeh satay wrap, mostly because I really wanted some tempeh and satay is always my favourite. This was pretty much exactly what I wanted, with delicious tempeh and soft tofu and some fresh bean shoots and lashings of satay sauce. (can I say lashings to refer to satay sauce?)

the greatest plate

Emilly went for the open salad sandwich, which came out on the loveliest plate. Emilly really enjoyed this. It was light and fresh and filled with her favourite type of olive (dried and marinated), as well as eggplant, avocado, and tomato; but was completely taken by the plate it was served on and the mug she was given for her water; she wanted to try and work out a way to take them both home with her!

Good delicious times all around!

I also picked up a massive slice of brownie, for later nommening. (It was delicious)

And I was recognised, thanks to my picture on my blog, and thanked for making someone's conversion to veganism a little easier. Which I like to hear! Not for the me bits, I mean, for the community bits. I love the idea that by creating this little vego Melbourne community people are actually making connections and making their way. It's exciting! So hello to Bonnie!

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Las Vegan
22 Smith Street


chernwernpao said...

Indeed, Las Vegan Nirvana is a light in the darkness, a life surrounded by murder, goodness prevailing over the rank pestilence that is the food-flesh of the dominant paradigm.

Eloise said...

YESSS!! Bonnis is my lovely cousin :D
I just called her in excitement hahaha

Bonnie said...

Thanks Steph,
I'm happy that you both enjoyed it. And thanks to El for showing me your blog =)

steph said...

Bonnie, it was super lovely to meet you! And thanks indeed to Eloise for showing my blog some love! :oD