Sunday, 14 August 2011

hong kong ii: long man lou

Prevented from accessing Twitter in China, it wasn't until I was on the bus from HK airport that I was able to ask for any advice on where I should go. K was super insistent that I go visit Chi Lin Nunnery and the restaurant there, which is 100% Buddhist Vegetarian, and situated beneath a little waterfall.

golden tone

Long Man Lou is inside the Nan Lian Garden, which is next to the Chi Lin Nunnery. I got up early and went for a wander through the garden, checking out all the pretty things and visiting the little exhibitions situation here and there throughout the garden. There is even a little rookery there!

I had been hoping for an early lunch, but alas it was not to be. The restaurant opens at 12 and not a minute before.

the foooods at chi lin

I ended up going for the four dishes banquet, which looked like a whole lot more than four dishes. I was worried about the excessive mushroom component but it was totally amazing. Service was lovely and the venue was very pretty, with the waterfall and things.

The menu is in Chinese with English subtitles, and a few of the staff speak English. There are technically no photos but I snuck this one so I could show you how lovely the food looks!

And it's such a lovely garden! Definitely visit the gardens and the nunnery even if you don't have time to visit the restaurant.

K's review.

Long Man Lou - Chi Lin Vegetarian [ 龍門樓 - 志蓮素齋 ]
Nan Lian Garden
60 Fung Tak Road
Diamond Hill

Get there on the MTR, Diamond Hill Station, exit C2. You have to walk the winding paths of the garden to get there, it's about a ten minute walk through the garden but it's nice and flat. Acceps credit card. Long Man Lou has a 85HKD minimum spend, which is easy to meet. My meal cost 88HKD.


K said...

So glad you got to go. I think it's just such a great place to get away from the crowds in HK!

steph said...

K it was lovely! And first thing in the morning it was very quiet and really nice to just sit down beside the water or under the shade and be quiet. I loved it!