Sunday, 22 May 2011

(not actually a) mississipi mudcake

Following a discussion around the existence of vegan mudcake, I was provoked in to committing acts of the same, guided by this Mississippi mudcake recipe on vegweb, and goaded on by Certain Vegans.

not actually a mud cake

This cake was good. It had a lovely flavour, lovely consistency and texture and was easy to bake and held up well over a few days, but it was not mudcake. It was too light and fluffy and not filled with any molten chocolate at all! However it is a recipe I would repeat, and I have ideas for transforming it in to mudcake.

I made no mods! Which is terribly unlike me.


Susan said...

I've veganised the Australian Woman's Weekly Mississipi Mudcake (I can't remember the exact name of the book... the one with all the pictures of different cakes on little stands on the cover... maybe Cakes and Slices) and it is intense! I haven't done it for a while... I feel a craving coming on!

Certain Vegan Jo said...

I am in a chocolate cake coma after that bake sale. I made choc cupcakes, plus Em bought me a slice of her incredible cake. I don't think I've ever had a mud cake to be honest, vegan or not! So (luckily?) I don't know what I'm missing!

steph said...

@Susan I am still trying to make a for-real mudcake, so feel free to share (the recipe).

@CVJ: I made coconut jam slice, and em brought me a slice of her cake and a gingerbread alligator! It was AWESOME. Really it worked well for all of us, I feel.

Vegan SJ said...

That looks soooo good!
I might have to try it. I made one last night which I will put on my blog tonight or tomorrow. :) said...

I look forward to trying your mud cake recipe once you've perfected it although I have to say that this cake looks delicious!

Ming-Zhu said...

Hey, Steph.

Recently discovered your blog (when my husband and I recently went vegan and had to start googling options, stat).

I'm also a Eurasian (Chinese+Anglo) Melbournian Gen-Y (just!) with a mild obsession with extraordinary food - having been raised in the kitchen of a Malaysian Chinese restaurant (but speaking no Chinese whatsoever - sorry).

This post popped up when I googled "vegan mud cake". You see, we had some of The Organic Food & Wine Deli's raw, gluten free, vegan beetroot mudcake today and it was fricken phenomenal. Sooo... I've been scouring the interwebz trying to find a recipe that best resembles it. (I need to make this thing - it's an OBSESSION!)

Have you: a) any ideas as to where to look to find such a sterling gem, and b) ever asked the dudes at TOFWD for a recipe and been successful? (I don't know what the protocol is with these things, really, and I want to be polite...)

All of which is me saying, yay, go you - I consider you to be the Melbourne-vegan authority 'round these parts, so keep up the delicious work.

steph said...

Hi Ming-Zhu! COINCIDENTALLY, I was in TOFWD today and seriously considered buying a slice of the cake! However I reconsidered, and and now you are making me regret that decision.

The cakes at TOFWD are (I'm pretty sure) all made by Crumbs Bakery (in Ascotvale). I know that they will happily provide you with an ingredient list, but I'm not sure they would provide you with the recipe. However you could ask them, I would suggest dropping them an email and telling them why you want to make it so bad. Failing that, I might be able to get the recipe through friends who know Crumbs. Hmmm, it IS my favourite cake...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Hope to see you around the vegan traps. :oD

Ming-Zhu said...

Yum. Yum. Yum. Thank you so much! :)