Monday, 22 November 2010

eggplant chips at the ebc

deep fried deliciousness

Found this deliciousness on the EBC's menu; I'd never noticed it before, and was excited to try eggplant chips. I expected something cut more like wedges, but instead we received these thin rounds, coated in a batter and deep fried. They were greasy and really oily, but very crisp and the eggplant held this amazing flavour. Shared these with some friends (and, of course, had the parma). Big recommend.

previous EBC visits: one; two; three; four, five.

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick


Theresa said...

Ooh, those look really yummy. More places should have them - they look easy enough!

Vicki said...

I have never noticed them on the menu either. They look very greasy & delicious.

steph said...

@Theresa they were indeed yummy!

@Vicki they were under 'snacks' or something like that.

Hannah said...

Ooh! I've only just started to enjoy eggplant, and usually only in pureed form. But you're starting to make me yearn for other kinds of eggplant...

Susan said...

These look so good. I can't wait to finally get down to Melbourne so I can enjoy all the great food!