Sunday, 1 November 2009

lazy day salad-based noms

D works from home, and as the weather (very very slowly) creeps back to warm, likes to indulge in some salad-based lunches. These are pretty easy to prepare, and easy to find the ingredients for, as there's a grocery/bakery on the corner, about fifty metres from the front of our apartment block.

tofu and salad wraps

The first of these was a tofu and salad wrap. Fresh lavash bread, with some leftover fried tofu, hummous, a Coles mixed salad bag and some King Soyland mayonaise. I offer no verdict on the deliciousness of this wrap, as I was not home to experience it, but D assures me it was delicious (and it was also repeated for lunch the next day).

salad roll

Later in the week I was home for lunch, and I can assure you that this salad roll was indeed delicious. I picked up some fresh turkish bread rolls from the corner grocery (Omara, on Sydney Road, for the curious), a roma tomato, an avocado, and some baby spinach, and grated some carrot. Also added some hummous (because we're totally on the hummous train at the moment), and some soy mayonaise.

Sometimes I forget how delicious the really simple, easy, fresh vegan food can be. It can be really delicious!


Mandee said...

Yes, looks like my kind of lunch! And I'm on the white bean dip-train at the moment!

Theresa said...

Whoever invented bag salad is seriously a genius. It makes salad sandwiches so much more convenient. Your turkish bread sandwich looks amazing!

steph said...

I always feel bad about buying the bag salad but sometimes it is really useful. It was especially useful when we were on a road trip and couldn't find anything for dinner - bag of mixed salad + cherry tomatoes + lavash bread meant we could at least eat something.

I'm Philippa O said...

haha, you slice avocado like my friend does and i've never seen anyone else do it that way!

steph said...

Pip - it's the lazy way to cut it! slice it straight through and peel the skin off.

Anonymous said...

Steph, sometimes we just don't always have time to wash, dry, and chop salad leaves :) don't feel bad about buying one..

oh yeah, did you enjoy the WVD? I came around 2, and it was already packed, it's so hard to spot you.