Monday, 30 November 2009

friends of the earth, collingwood

Every Saturday afternoon (1300 - 1600) I volunteer at the Friends of the Earth bookshop in Collingwood. I ♥ foe. During my shift I usually try to find time to eat lunch, which is always a great mixed plate of deliciousness. On Saturdays the Co-Op manager is vegan, which means that on most Saturdays the whole selection is vegan, including many of the cakes.

lunch at foe #1

I really look forward to the lunch portion of my foe shift, as well as the other portions which include chatting with customers and looking at posters for great upcoming social justice events.

lunch at foe #2

Recent delicious dishes have included tempeh curry (it was AMAZING), fresh made felafal (and tips to make great felafal), fresh made hummous, and the first couscousequinoa I've ever enjoyed eating.

lunch at foe #3

Come visit me! And eat mystery deliciousness.

Friends of the Earth
312 Smith St

Open for lunch every day of the week, on Sundays there are no mixed plates, it's Funky Pies with salad.


Ruth said...

Hah, I actually came in on Saturday to eat, but I was too early and you guys were still cooking. I ended up having a really dissappointing lunch/brunch down the road. These look way better.

Tahn said...

It's funny - I have literally just been google searching for volunteering opportunities! My kids want to get involved too, which narrows down the field (lots of them want 18+). Any ideas??

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

WOW!! I love your blog. I'm a Melbourne vegan too and I adore food, so I'm just drooling all the way! We should totally do lunch sometime :-) Thanks for the FOE tip- I love the store but have never actually eaten there, and I'm thinking a Saturday is the day to do it!! Mmm, cake :-)

steph said...

Ruth, yeah, on weekends it can be a tiny bit behind but still good! Usually ready to serve lunch by 1130 or 1200 at the latest.

Hmm, Tahn, I think there are a few places that take 16+ but I can ask around if anyone takes 10+!

Hi Sandra! Thanks very much! Foe has some pretty awesome cake, definitely drop by! And Hi! Welcome to the blog. ;o)

Jess said...

Um, if the above is a photo of the cous cous you enjoyed, it is because it is quinoa deliciousness. And maybe I will visit you, I live down the street.

My friend did some work there a few weeks ago, I wonder if you're working with him.

steph said...

Ahaha, that was a typo, Jess! I did mean quinoa. It was the first quinoa I've ever enjoyed. It was a revelation to me! :o)

And come visit! It's fun.

Unknown said...

this place is great for when you want a big plate of everything

Niki said...

Ooh great, you are just round the corner from me. I will have to pop in and say hi!

steph said...

Come visit!

Kaso said...

Organic Vegan with a kick of environmental and social justice campaigning behind it.
Check out the foe website: