Saturday, 4 July 2009

oaty goodness

I have this terrible habit of buying a bag of oats for one recipe (using one cup or something), and then never using the rest and then the pantry gets infested with moths, hanging out in my bag of oats. It was only three weeks ago, when I was in Kakulus buying a single cup of soy flour, that I realised I should have been buying my single cup of oats from there.

Anyway, I've been trying to use up my latest really large bag of oats, so one night last week I used oats in both dinner and dessert, and I was very pleased with myself!

incredibly delicious walnut+pecan balls with pasta

For dinner I made these absolutely delicious pecan and walnut balls, which I served with a cherry tomato sauce. I mostly followed this recipe for the balls, modifying a little bit here and there, and I did also skip the gluten flour. These were really tasty, they were a little time consuming but absolutely worth it, they were so good. Also they used up a cup of oats.

The cherry tomato sauce was awesome, I made my usual nepolitana sauce, and in the last three or four minutes of cooking I added about a dozen or so cherry tomato halves. They wilted slightly in the heat, but not enough to start cooking, and it was a great complement to the pecan and walnut balls. A++ will cook again!

pear and apple crumble with custard

For dessert I tried out this apple and pear crumble. I changed the proportions a little bit, and served it with some warm custard. And it used up more oats!


Johanna said...

I love using oats just the ways you have - and also love to bake with them - those balls look most delish

steph said...

Johanna, they're super delish :o) I definitely want to cook them again.

drossolalia said...

Oooh, crumble. How can it be that I still haven't made any this winter?!

Vegetation said...

Mmm those walnut pecan balls look fantastic! I haven't made nearly enough faux meatball recipes. I tried one made from seitan just after going vegetarian and it wasn't the greatest and I got scared to ever make them again, but your photo of those is making me think I need to!

Fantastic crumble too! Yum!

steph said...

drossolalia, I'd never made crumble before this! I don't tend to be much of a winter desserts person, but now I want to try some more!

vegetation, I feel the same, except I've been obsessed with the idea of some sort of fauxball even though I hadn't tried one since failure, and it was a pleasure to find this one worked so well! Wow that was a run-on sentence. said...

Yum, that pasta dish looks great. I'll have to try those oat / walnut balls sometime.

Miss T said...

I've never thought of using oats in main meals/savouries, but it makes so much sense! Those oaty pasta balls look fanatstic.