Sunday, 19 July 2009

broken hill hotel, vic park

Last week I went ducky racing with some friends, to celebrate Jorge's birthday.

duckie race

After the duck races, we went for a meander through King's Park, traipsing across the sky bridge and pausing for a cupcake break (provided by Dr G and Gilli).


Later, after criticising/rewatching the first Harry Potter movie, a large group of us meandered down to the Broken Hill Hotel, in Vic Park.

There was nothing on the menu suitable for vegans, but Kandy had asked when booking, and they had said they would be happy to cater for me. And they were! When I asked, there were three options available for me, about which I was quite chuffed.


I went for the ratatouille and coconut rice, it was nothing super exciting but it was a perfectly serviceable pub meal, and they were very helpful (and the chips were delicious).

Broken Hill Hotel
314 Albany Highway
Victoria Park


nora said...

whoaaa psychedelic cupcakes, dude.

Miss T said...

What a great birthday idea! And good pub food is always pretty satisfying; nice that there was more than one option for you too!

angie said...

haha cute, duck races.

btw, glad to know that the broken hill goes all out for its patrons! :) said...

duck racing? How awesome! Those cupcakes look rad too.