Friday, 30 January 2009

recs for sydney

Next weekend I am returning to the town of my birth for a flying, 48 hour visit
(and to go see Top Gear). I'll be staying in Haymarket. Does anyone have any restaurants and artisan/craft markets to recommend? I already have plans to go to Bodhi, and I loooove Iku.

ETA: OH ALSO great op shop recommendations

the quay from a ferry


Vegetation said...

I'm no help, I live close but not close enough to have done any veg shopping/eating in Sydney. Have a wonderful holiday though!

VegHead said...

Have a cup of bancha tea for me at Bodhi.

a vegan about town said...

Thanks vegetation, I hope to do so!

VegHead, I am so looking forward to visiting Bodhi. I've heard a lot about it!

William Luu said...

Not sure if it's there anymore or not, but there was a place in Sydney called Purple Lotus which did Vegetarian/Vegan Yum Cha. Went there once, it was an interesting experience!

I doubt you'd want to head too far out, but if you do head for Cabramatta. There's a few Vietnamese/Chinese Vegetarian places.

Also, have some soy milk at Zhu Mama's in Chinatown.

Léna, said...

mother chu's, in the city. chinese vegetarian.
peace harmony, in the city. thai vegan
green gourmet, newtown. asian vegetarian. good for dinners.
green palace, newtown. asian vegetarian, bain-marie style, good desserts.
mad pizza. beneath CIVIC video store, newtown. pizza shop specialising in some vegan possibilities and there are now new rumours of a vegan 'satay chicken'.
vegan's choice/greenfields, newtown next to green gourmet. vegan only products, frozen mock meats and cheezes, the front section has tofu gelato and a new addition is the 'greenfields' food part. mostly raw cakes from concious choice and a few salads.
there are HEAPS of other places such as iku and bodhi and pure that i haven't gotten to, but i've only been living in sydney 2 weeks and i've been a frequent visitor for a year.

Lizabelle said...

Peace Harmony has two cafes, one on King Street and one on Erskine. Thai, and everything is vegan if I remember correctly.

Mosman market is great for crafts, jewellery and so on - I bought pretty much all my Christmas presents there!

I don't imagine you'll get over to Manly if you're just in town for the weekend, but if you do, Pure on Darley Road is a great cafe with several vegan options.


I'm Philippa O said...

i concur with all lena's suggestions, alos (i didn't get to go when i was there last weekend) there an all vegan breakfast place called naked espresso in newtown on king street. it's only open on weekend till 1pm - the rest of the time the space is used by the pther business that shares it, some pizza place. my partner tim did get to eat there and he said it was quite good. there's pancakes on the menu too!

Mandee said...

I agree with Pure if you get to Manly!

And what night are you going to Top Gear, we went to the 8pm session last night :)

steph said...

Mandee, I went to Top Gear on Saturday, the 1700 session. Did you catch the train out? It was terrible, we actually only just made it in to the show about five minutes after it started!

Mandee said...

Ahh, we were at the session right after you. No, we drove out because we park in the same place we park for the BigDayOut. There must have been a lot of ppl on the trains or they were running late? I'm glad you got there, would have been a shame to miss it

steph said...

The trains weren't running late, and there were lots of people on the trains, and City Rail decided to do SIGNAL MAINTENANCE on the line. FAIL.