Friday, 2 January 2009

adventures with the ppk

I love noodles, all the time, so when the zucchini and peanut noodles from the PPK were recommended to D, we decided to give it a go.

zuchinni and peanut noodles (from PPK)

I think the proportions in the recipe are a bit off, or just perhaps not to my taste. The recipe calls for one pound of noodles (and recommends whole wheat pasta), which is just under a 500g packet of pasta noodles. I would recommend perhaps half a pack, something like 200 or 250 grams. I used angel hair pasta, which I've never used before. I found it very gluggy and sticky, perhaps because I don't usually rince my pasta, something I'm going to try to do now, having had this experience. Zucchini didn't seem adequate, given the huge amount of pasta the recipe called for, so I added some carrot and gai lan that I had in my fridge. If I'd had some bean shoots I'd probably have added these also.

Overall, I was satisfied with this pasta. It had a fun flavour, and was very quick and easy. I'm not sure I'd make it again though.

moroccan spring vegetables and couscous

I love taking cookbooks on the bus so I can spend the busride thinking about new things to try. Vegan With a Vengeance is a book nicely sized for PT, and features a moroccan spring vegetables recipe. I don't really know much about Moroccan flavours, and the recipe admits to probably not being authentic, but it was fun to try this mix of flavours and spices. I've made this twice in the last few weeks, it's very easy to make and really tasty.


Mandee said...

I too like the sound of zuch and peanut sauce so it's a shame the recipe didn't quit work out :(

Vegetation said...

I never have a whole lot of luck with Angel Hair pasta, it's always just a little gluggy or soft or something, maybe because it's so thin.

I love peanut sauce though! And that Moroccan dish looks yummy, I haven't made it yet (I still have SO many untried VwaV recipes!).

a vegan about town said...

Mandee, I am wondering if it was the starchiness of the angel hair. I can definitely see why it's a go-to recipe for some people (it's very easy and has a tasty flavour), so I might give it a second go, but I would definitely change it a bit first. :o)

Vegetation, yeah, I'd never used angel hair pasta before - I think if I ever try it again I'll definitely rinse it, and change the cooking time a tad. But give the Moroccan dish a go, it was grand!