Tuesday, 19 July 2011

lunch at mr nice guy

So after finally making it to brunch at Mr Nice Guy, I followed it up a week later with lunch there, too, with Ms SJ.

om nom nom

Only option for the day was the quesadillas, which was fine as I was happy to try them out.

The quesadillas were toasted fresh and filled with black beans and some sort of cheeze. I liked the flavour, but they were a bit dry and definitely needed the tabasco that Lucas brought out for us. Maybe some guac or salsa would go nice as a little side?

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Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes
291 Albert St, Brunswick
enter on the bike path side beside Brunswick Train Station


K said...

really want to check it out but since they have 0 gluten free options I can't :-(

Danni said...

Spoke to Lucas today who commented on your review. Normally they would be served with tofutti sour cream. Also he said the chilli was cooked a little fast that day and it wasn't his best. Sounds like you should try another one!

I had one today and found it both enjoyable and appropriately moist.