Monday, 18 July 2011

gasometer, collingwood

So last week it was my birthday and I decided to use it as an opportunity to finally get down to Gasometer, having heard so much about it already from every vegan and vegetarian in Melbourne.

With a party of ten people on a Friday night, I booked a table. I only did this two days in advance, and there was no problem getting it.

I was overwhelmed by the choice! In the end I decided to go for a pot pie main, because it was cold and I had been thinking about pies. All the mains come with a choice of two sides, and because it was my birthday I picked the sides I wanted the most, carb-loaded as they were, rather than the sides I should have. I ended up going for the mac and cheeze and the potato mash.

pie and other deliciousnesses

The pie came with a chutney sauce, and was filled with lots of potatoes. It was delicious, and I loved my sides, but it was massive and I couldn't come anywhere near finishing it. I would eat a main with sides again, but maybe only if I was sharing it with someone. Certainly I would eat the mac and cheeze again.

vegan chicken burger of amazing

I have no idea whose chicken burger this is, as three came to the table; I did sample someone's though, and it was amazing. I have been thinking about this burger ever since, and I would return to Gasometer just for this burger and the chips, advertised to me by Fi as the greatest chips in Melbourne.

holy crap cannoli

I was way too full to think about dessert, but J had thought about it and ordered the cannoli in advance. In my position as birthday penguin, J thoughtfully and very kindly (and ONLY because it was my birthday) let me have one. These were chocolate on one side and cookies and cream on the other and MY WORD. MY WORD. I had thought that cannoli was a delight to which I could never return, now that I am vegan, but oh these were very excellent cannoli. I recommend so highly. They were delicious.

Nobody else who came has blogged! SADFACE. I know Erin had the tofu wings and they were pretty good, and J had the mac and cheeze as a meal but would not repeat the experience.

Others who have eaten there: Carla; Danni; K + Toby; Veg in the West (once + twice); and Cindy and Michael (one, two, three, four times).

484 Smith Street

Handily accessible on the 86 tram, cramped and too warm on a friday night, difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues and way too noisy. Cindy and Michael rated the tables as 'spaced wide apart' so maybe they're different on different nights?


Cindy said...

Happy birthday Steph!!

I am obsessed with that chicken burger and ate it again last Saturday. There was no room for trying cannoli after that, I'm sorry to report.

I actually noticed that evening that the tables have been changed around a bit, though I think the booths near the door are still not too bad...?

steph said...

Cindy I really want to try the chicken burger! I hope it is in my future.

Yes I agree, the booths near the door seem okay accessibility-wise. I had forgotten about them!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... It's been YEARS since I had cannoli! It used to be one of my favourite guilty pleasures as a vegetarian. I think I'm going to have to check out Gasometer next time in town for the dessert alone!

Also - happy birthday!

Theresa said...

Happy birthday! Vegan cannoli is probably the best way to celebrate!

Canberra vegan said...

Steph, I have been following your blog for a while and it has really helped for when I am dining in Melbourne. We are trying something similar for Canberra, it is still in the early stages:
Hopefully it will help if you ever find yourself in Canberra.