Tuesday, 4 May 2010

lasagne with cashew cheese and spinach

I love lasagne. I love it a lot.

So last week I tried this lasagne with cashew cheese and spinach by The Messy Vegetarian Cook. I modified it a little bit, and recommend some further modifications, but it was AWESOME.


I didn't use smoked tofu, but only because I had forgotten to buy any. I increased the amount of tomatoes (I went up to about 800g of canned tomatoes, which is two cans ish. Next time I will probably even increase this more to make more sauce). I used tempeh instead of a vegan mince - and I would recommend further modifying this by adding red wine to the pan when frying the tempeh.

And that was it! Super delicious, a bit time consuming, and quite dishes intensive, but I enjoyed it!


eloise said...

How amazing are cashews?! We made vegan malay kofta last week using cashews in the sauce (a cup, ground with some soy milk and water).

I'm so keen to attempt a raw cheesecake now that I know how simple the cashew part is!

Johanna GGG said...

I guess the cashews are raw - I have a whole lot of roasted cashews but suspect they wouldn't work as well - with tempeh and smoked tofu that would be amazing

love seeing how people serve their dinner - am curious about you serving lasagna with pasta on the side - is that usual or was there a particular reason for that?

steph said...

@Eloise, I am totally all over the cashews at the moment! I'm using them in everything and they're just amazing! Do the raw cheezecake, I bet that'll be awesome!

@Johanna, Yeah, the cashews for this are raw. And it was pretty great! The texture was excellent.

I wouldn't usually serve this with pasta, but it was cold and dark and I couldn't be bothered leaving the house, and I had already put the lasagna in the oven by the time I realised I didn't have anything to serve it with! But I had some pasta spirals, some cashews, a capsicum and some sundried tomatoes, and I decided that was enough to make a pasta salad for the side!

lisa said...

Ha - I came in here to write about the lasagne and pasta combo!! Bold move, but then it is carbs season.

steph said...

@lisa - I am a BIG fan of carbs! (potatoes are my favourite)

Kip said...

Hi Steff! Thanks for the positive comments and glad you enjoyed the lasagna. I love the idea of using tempeh in red wine!

steph said...

@kip - thanks for posting such a great recipe!

Johanna GGG said...

ha lasagna and pasta salad sounds like a buffet spread - I have moments when I love carb on carb - esp mashed potato on toast - but if I don't have anything to serve with lasagna (I know those dark cold nights when you don't want to go out) then I am lazy and just eat the lasagna without any side dishes

shawna said...

i made this for dinner tonite-- amazing! (i pretty much followed the original recipe, including the smoked tofu which i LOVED).