Thursday, 8 November 2012

merry cupcakes, fitzroy

Regular readers of my social media will probably already know that my cupcake heart belongs to Cupcake Central, run by the super awesome Sheryl, who helped my friends bring me cupcakes when I was living in China, who when I hint around vegan things (like Oreos) invents new flavours to accomodate it, and is generally really awesome and inspiring.

But I was in Fitzroy on Saturday, as I so often am, and thought I should give the newly opened all-vegan Merry Cupcakes a go.

cupcakes from merry
Clockwise top left: the beet it (red velvet with beetroot); the wakey wakey (i think - coffee); strawberry fields forever; 'bruce banner' (zucchini and and banana).

I love vegan shops. Love love love them, so I'm automatically always excited. My favourites were the pop culture cupcakes (strawberry fields forever and bruce banner) - the strawberry one had a really fresh strawberry flavour, and dr banner was delicious (things I never thought I'd say). Apparently people often don't get those references, even though they're the best!

The beet it was a bit weirdly nutty, and the wakey wakey was fine but just a generic coffee cupcake. Would return though, 50% is still a pass and there's so many other flavours to sample; plus, service was lovely and friendly and helpful, and I'd like to try their coffee!

You can find their spring menu here. They're currently only just now moving in to gluten free cupcakes with one or two flavours.

Merry Cupcakes
261 Brunswick Street
Closed Tuesdays

Get there on the 112 tram. I think there was a step up into the shop, service is at the counter.


Bee said...

:) I love this blog~! So helpful.
I'm a vegan about to travel to Melbourne in a monthish and am trying to compile a list of Melbourne's ultimate vegan eateries.

Probably not eating out often, so when I do I want to make the most of it :)

so wanted to ask: what do you think are the ultimate eateries in Melbourne?

steph said...

Hi Debbie,

Can I recommend: Gasometer OR Cornish Arms for the pub experience (no need to do both); Merry Cupcakes for vegan cupcakes; Trippy Taco for mexican; Lord of the Fries; Yong's Green Food (raw/asian). Those are probably my TOP places in Melbourne.

Good eating!