Tuesday, 14 February 2012

madame k's vegetarian, fitzroy

Walking up Brunswick Street heading for Yongs, my eye was caught by a new restaurant fit-out and a nice blue sign announcing 'Madame K Vegetarian.' So of course we detoured!


We started with some awesome fresh juices, served in little bottles. My watermelon and apple juice was super delicious; Ju had orange and pineapple which she reported was also delicious (I elected not to sample her juice on the grounds that pineapple is my least favourite fruit).

chicken and corn soup (vegan)

I'm not usually a big entree person, but I couldn't resist trying the chicken and corn soup. This had an excellent corn flavour, and little stringy bits of mock chicken, and lots of spring onions. A perfect chicken and corn soup! And it was an excellent size - it could almost be a small meal.

laksa at madame k vegetarian vegan chicken rice

Ju and I both struggled to select a main. I finally settled on the chicken rice; the rice was perfectly gingered, and the chicken tasted just as it should, with an accompanying soy+bean Thai sauce with an excellent chilli bite that set it all off excellently. Ju went for the laksa, which was a bit more red curry noodle than assam deliciousness, but was still a pretty good dish on its own.

Madame K's also has an excellent and tempting dessert menu, filled with an amazing-looking fruit salad, deep fried bananas, and other exciting things. We skipped this in favour of cocktails at Polly, but I look forward to a future, dessert-included visit!

Service here was good, and prompt. Vegan items are clearly labelled on the menu. A main costs about $15. I have been thinking about the menu for a couple of days now, and definitely will visit Madame K's again (though probably not until my triumphant return to Melbourne later this year).

Madame K's allegedly has a website, but it doesn't appear to yet be up and running.

No other reviews: despite living in Beijing, am I the first?!

Madame K's Vegetarian
367 Brunswick Street


accessibility: step up to enter, tables are very close together and difficult to maneuver around. get there on the 112 tram (which is not an accessible tram).


Cindy said...

I AM EXCITE. Kudos to you for tracking it down first. A few weeks ago I noticed renovations and signage for "herbivore vegetarian" on Brunswick St, but looking at Google Maps that's probably even another completely different vegetarian restaurant that might be opening soon!

While we wait for that mystery to be resolved, I resolve to visit Madame K.

veganlovestocook said...

opening hours? lunch - dinner?

steph said...

@veganlovestocook I have no idea, I'm sorry! I didn't think to ask because I saw they had a website and thought I could just check it out; then I found out the website doesn't work!


veganlovestocook said...

367 Brunswick st

steph said...

Thanks, veganlovestocook!

Deviant said...

I went there a few Saturdays ago...

very dissapointed. The service was very slow (we were the only ones there!).

The Nasi Goreng is NOT VEGAN (although it is marked as such on the menu).. I didn't realise it had egg until I'd eaten about a 1/3 of the dish either, not a nice feeling.

My friend was served tea with rancid milk and the watermelon and apple juice was one of the worst juices I've tasted(and warm).

I will not be going back here any time soon

Anonymous said...

Just got back from dinner at madame k's

The portions are small and bland. If the prices were reduced by at least 50% i MIGHT consider going there again for a not so quick snack. But would probably prefer to eat at Yong's for something that tastes good and is well made (no affiliation.. its just far better food a few doors down)

It simply doesn't cut it for Brunswick st.

Anonymous said...

I have been there several times now. The menu is generous and the food is some of the best I have ever tasted (I have been a vegan for 35 years). I choose something different each time I visit and thus far, everything I have tried has been exceptional. The portions are a fair size, quality is always better than quantity in my opinion anyway. The service is very friendly and the food not only tastes delicious, but it is presented beautifully too. The restaurant is very clean and the atmosphere is relaxed. My one criticism is that they need to offer vegan/vegetarian wine, or allow customers to BYO. Incidentally, the Nasi Goreng is an optional vegan dish (no egg), which it states clearly on the menu.

steph said...

anonymous are you saying they don't serve wine? or the wine they serve isn't vego?

Deviant said...

It definitely wasn't marked as vegan optional when I was there ....