Monday, 26 December 2011

christmas disaster

so even when you're celebrating a low-key christmas in china with five of your friends, and all the food has been cooked by someone else and you just have to pick it up, there is still room for a christmas day kitchen disaster:

a christmas disaster

merry christmas if that's your thing! and remember to put the lid on your pumpkin puree, even when you're only heating it up for five minutes. although who has pumpkin puree at christmas? i mean really.

some christmas cheer


M.L. said...

Yep. Important seasonal PSA, kids!

Merry Christmas :-)

Johanna GGG said...

merry messy christmas steph - is that a hot plate that your saucepan is on?

steph said...

@ML, one you would think i'd have learned by now!

@johanna it is indeed a hotplate! at my friends' place though - i at least have a gas burner in my tiny kitchen.