Sunday, 30 January 2011

japan viii: vegan healing cafe, shibuya

Just before I left Japan, I wandered in to Shibuya to catch up with Alex and Elizabeth, who had added a side trip to their journey back to Canada (from Perth) in order to see me.

After wandering around Tokyu Hands for a little while, we found our way over to Vegan Healing, a tiny cafe just around the corner. It had a PeTA van out the front, and was filled with notes about rallies and things.

The menu itself is pretty brief, and is available in both English and Japanese.

Both Alex and I went for the tempe sausage.

tempeh sausage at vegan healing cafe

This was served with a chickpea sauce, and rice and vegies, and was delicious! The flavour was very subtle and understated, but I really enjoyed it.

a mock chicken something at vegan healing cafe

Elizabeth picked the fried soy meat, which was a bit like a deep fried mock chicken. It came with a delicious little soup. I have to admit to being a little jealous of this meal, it had a lovely flavour.

Prices were not too bad, and the service was good. I also bought some cookies, but they were rock solid. Sad! But overall a good experience.

Vegan Healing Cafe
Parashion Shibuya Bldg Ste102,6-20 Udagawa-cho,

(東京都渋谷区宇田川町6-20 パラシオン渋谷102号)

Check out the webpage for a handy map


lisa dempster said...

Loving your Japan posts! Last time I was there I didn't get to Tokyo or Kyoto so I'm droooooling... x

Hannah said...

Your tempe sausage meal looks fantastic! Though I must admit I'd be tempted to ask for just an enormous bowl of (what I'm guessing is) that hijiki/seaweed veggie deliciousness...