Wednesday, 27 October 2010

方便面 from global green

I picked these instant noodles up from Global Green Vegetarian, beside the Queen Vic Markets. Global Green has a great array of stuff, and all the vegan stuff is clearly marked. It's sort of a cross between a vego grocery store and an Asian grocery store, I picked up some frozen bao and a bag of dried black beans, and they sell la panella pies and sausage rolls in double packs.

packets of noodles

I love instant noodles so much it's unreasonable. I miss my Maggi Oriental noodles so much (ps, this week is International Nestle Free Week). This brand is expensive in comparison to other brands, but not bad. I didn't really enjoy the yellow packet very much, but I quite liked the tomato flavour. This could have been to do with preparation - I did the yellow one with the broth, and Amanda (who made the tomato one for me) drained the the broth from the tomato one, which gave it a nice squishy flavouring without being overwhelming.


Other reviews of Global Green Vegetarian: around the world vegan and at where's the beef.

Global Green Vegetarian
Shop 1/33 Peel St
West Melbourne


vegiebug said...

I, too love packet noodles! Your bowl looks so gourmet though - definitely does not resemble anything that came out of a packet! A credit to you :D

Kate said...

I did not know Maggi was owned by Nestle, and had just bought a big packet of them...

Interesting post you linked to - I had stopped buying all their chocolate products because of the child slavery and human trafficking issue, although I have heard that KitKats are now Fairtrade in the UK.

Julie said...

... I am looking at your noodles, and going; where is the lettuce?! No wonder your first noodles were uninspiring, they lack all the things that used to make maggi noodles (more) enjoyable to me.