Thursday, 5 February 2009

Yee Sang at Lotus

In further CNY news, went to Lotus last night where we finally had Yee Sang, it being our last opportunity for this CNY. Yee Sang has a funny taste when you're eating but the most delicious aftertaste, and it's crunchy and delicious. And tossing it is pretty fun.

yee sang at lotus

Yee Sang is made on the table, a large plate of shredded vegetables (and, traditionally, shredded fish) in the centre as a variety of sauces and condiments are poured over the top. Everyone then uses their chopsticks (the use of chopsticks is non-optional, no hands, no forks) to toss the salad together. It is customary to toss as high as possible, because the higher you toss, the greater your fortunes will be, as you court abundance.

chicken satay at lotus

Following the yee sang we had some char kuay teow (hardly a CNY noodle) and an array of delicious mock meats, cha siew and kapitan and the Sichuan chicken, which had cashews and was quite tasty. D's new favourite appears to be the chicken satay entree, which we discovered last Saturday when we tried the small banquet, and D insisted on ordering again just four days later.

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
Unit 1, 220 James St


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Chris said...

I could eat yusheng (or yee sang, whichever you like) every day of my life. Seriously. I enjoy it that much. By the way I just found your blog, and I find it quite awesome. Looking forward to more! :)

Spice Island Vegan said...

Never had Yee Sang. Interesting! Satay looks good!

steph said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping by! Yee Sang is delicious, I love it. Also the tossing is pretty fun. :o)