Thursday, 4 September 2008

evergreen, ee beng, and luk yea yan, penang

buffet breakfast

An Auntie took us to breakfast at Evergreen Vegetarian on Jalan Cantonment. It is a general buffet self-service style place, though it does also offer ala carte dishes and bao, and there was a whole wall of mooncakes available for purchase. I had some great noodles and a tasty potato thing, amongst other dishes. I also picked up a lotus bean mooncake for later nomming (it was nomlicious).

Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant is on Lebuh Dickens, and due to its location near Jalan Hutton I ate there twice recently. It's also a general buffet self-service setup, with two dozen or so dishes to choose from which you then take to the counter to be measured and paid for. The noodles were fantastic, and I missed out on what my mother described as a really fantastic mushroom and broccoli thing.

Auntie took us out to breakfast a second time, and being delightful she again took us to a vegetarian restaurant, Luk Yea Yan on Macalister. Breakfasts that are common in restaurants in Australia are tasty, hash browns and baked beans and wilted greens and things, but nothing beats soup and noodles for breakfast. It was such a delight to sit there, my hand curled around a soup spoon, chopsticks in my other hand, piling the noodles on my spoon and drinking the liquid. I had a fresh soy milk to compliment it, and when I'm in Penang, I'm not the only one drinking soy milk. My mum, my aunties, we all order soy milk, and it is fresh and so fantastic.

kuay teow soup

Evergreen Vegetarian
39A Cantonment Road

Ee Beng Vegetarian
20 Lebuh Dickens

Luk Lea Yan
148 Jalan Macalister


nixwilliams said...

oh, YUM. i love having rice or noodles for breakfast, thought i've never had noodle soup. yumyumyumyum!

a vegan about town said...

I prefer a more lightly flavoured soup for breakfast, just stock, noodles and vegies with a handful of soy soaked chillis, but my mum prefers a straight up laksa. I'll cook you delicious breakfast noms one day.

nixwilliams said...

:D i would be honoured, and my tastebuds would love you forever!