Saturday, 9 January 2010

asian women blog carnival

So one of the reasons why I started this blog was to explore vegan food through my lens as Chinese Australian, and reconcile OMG NO MEAT with a lot of the things I used to take for granted. I have posted a little about it directly, but mostly I just try to find a lot of food that meets my requirements as Chinese and vegan and delicious.

In my Real Life as an occasional anti-racism blogger, I'm hosting the 5th Asian Women Blog Carnival. Posts are welcome from both Asian women and allies. The theme is Who I Am When I'm (not) With You. The full explanation post can be found here, and it contains all the details regarding submissions and guidelines.

I know that there are some people lurking in this blog that would be interested in that, so please, you know, check it out, or consider posting something for the carnival! Submissions are due a few days before CNY.

coconut biscuits (kuih bangkit)


K said...

The cookies are cute, are they cookies?

steph said...

They are indeed! They are CNY Nonya cookies.

Tseen Khoo said...

Have posted about this - thanks for the heads-up! I've seen previous ones floating around on LJ but haven't (again!) done the follow-through thing. Will also be sending it around on the various lists I manage. V. cool that you're hosting. :)

steph said...

Thanks Tseen!