Friday, 29 January 2010

plush pizza, hawthorn

We've had some terrible to excellent experiences in pizza since we went vegan, but I will be honest - all of those experiences were at home, rather than at a store. I think that our recent pizzas of awesome are a testament to that. We just hadn't had a fantastical, amazing pizza from a pizza shop.

two slices

That changed on Saturday, when we ventured over to Plush Pizza with Jo.

It was amazing. AMAZING. Featured here is the Satay Pizza (because penguins love pizza) and, at Jo's insistence, the Ben's Special. Not featured is the garlic pizza I ordered in lieu of garlic bread.

The satay pizza featured fried tofu, red onion, mushrooms, and roast zucchini with a satay sauce. It was fantastic. I would have eaten it all by myself, not sharing it, if I could have. I really want to eat it again. A lot.

satay pizza and ben's special at plush pizza

The Ben's Special was surprisingly tasty. It had balsamic vinegar, which is an instant face pull for me, I find it an unpleasant addition to just about anything. So it was to my surprise that rather than being defeated by a pizza featuring balsamic vinegar, I found it blended really well with the avocado, tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella.

The prices at Plush Pizza are a little on the expensive side, but it is definitely worth it for an amazing vegan pizza. And the venue is cosy but friendly, with comfy seating and some nice looking mirrors. And postcards. And it comes recommended by others!

on the wall

Plush Pizza
85 Burwood Road

GF options (including bases) available

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Satay pizza looks delicious!