Friday, 8 January 2010

little byrd, ascot vale

I try to be timely with my restaurant reviews, within the week, but sometimes experiences get lost in the rush and you end up blogging about them six months later.

This is one of those blogs.

When we first got to Melbourne we were staying with some friends, and one morning went out investigating apartments and nomming delicious foods.

We ended up at Little Byrd, where there was only one thing on the menu for vegans, but that one thing was delicious.

breakfast at little bird

Avocado with zaatar on sour dough, om nom, om nom. Not too expensive, well worth the visit.

Little Byrd
160 Union Street
Ascot Vale

some GF
daytime opening hours only


lisa said...

I LOVE avo on toast, but I'm sick of it being the ONLY vegan thing on so many cafe menus. I feel a blog rant coming on...

steph said...


lisa said...

Oh, I will. I have to say the addition of zatar to that avo does look especially mouth-watering.