Monday, 4 January 2010

things with tofu from vegan brunch

Well, internets, I am back at work today.

This meant an early start to my day, a few pieces of toast and out the door. But whilst I was still off work, we tried for some big breakfasts, and I trawled through Vegan Brunch for some tasty looking things. Earlier in the week we tried the gingerbread waffles, which made enough batter for two days worth of breakfasts (four penguins for each of us each day, sixteen penguins in total).

A few days later, Danni was watering our plants and noted the huge amount of basil growing cheerfully away, so I took the opportunity to try the scrambled tofu with pesto.

tofu and basil pesto

This didn't seem to be so much scramble as cubes. I really liked this dish - frying the tofu for so long as the tomatoes smushed down (my favourite way of eating them) added this really great flavour, and I loved the addition of pesto. Will definitely do this one again - maybe with smaller cubes.

The next day we tried the omlettes, which Cindy had blogged about as delicious.

mushroom tof-omlette

Don't get me wrong, these were great (and delicious), but I had two problems. They took an incredibly long time to cook - D had already finished her omlette well before I was ready to eat mine; and my pan is old, so it was less flipping and more failing and looking a bit scrambled. Not so much a problem but more an inconvenience, it was a Sunday morning and I couldn't be bothered traipsing around to find black salt, so I went without.

Still, these were really delicious and, though they require many dishes, I will probably try this one again as well.

We have a lot of left over cheeseish sauce, I'm thinking of using it in a pasta bake this evening. Mmm pasta bake.


Victor said...

Steph - that scrambled tofu with pesto sauce looks delicious. I must try that but maybe serve with vermicelli noodle. Thanks for a fab idea.

Btw - happy new year!

Anonymous said...

hey steph do you know where to get smoked salt and black salt? freaking LOVE vegan brunch I made the onion quiche yesterday and ate it for lunch nom nom nom!

Penny said...

Ooh they both look good... I really have to get a copy of the book!

steph said...

Happy New Year to you also, Victor! I'm so into pesto in dishes right now, it's so simple and delightful.

Carla I don't know BUT I do know that Cindy has bought some black salt before, so if she doesn't drop by to tell us then I'll send her an email. :o)

Penny, I'm really enjoying this book. It's great!

Hannah said...

I'm guessing, from the reference to basil in your garden, that you made the pesto from scratch? Does the recipe have many other flavours to it besides pesto? I love basil but am not a fan of the pine-nuts so tend to avoid pesto... but was thinking tofu + tomato + basil + anything else in the recipe itself might work...

steph said...

The tomato flavour really contributes a lot, as does the cheesy-nutritional yeast sauce.

I actually made a cashew and basil pesto, rather than one with pine nuts, and the flavours worked really well. said...

Yum I really love that omelet recipe, I did have to buy a new pan to make them in the end as my old frying pan was too small and not non-sticky enough!

The tofu scramble sounds delicious too especially with the super fresh basil from your garden.

steph said... - I think my pan is sufficiently non-stick, I guess I just have to get some practise in!

Hannah said...

Fantastic, this shall go in the every-growing "must make" file!