Wednesday, 13 January 2010

glenferrie hotel, hawthorn

The only pub I've been to since we moved to Melbourne is the EBC. This seems a bit ridiculous, I know. I did go to the Workers once for a craft fair, I picked up the greatest necklace ever for Danni, and some awesome vintage scarfs.

So I got to try out the Glenferrie Hotel for the Christmas party. There was one thing on the menu I could eat without modification, and since I was in a pasta mood I decided to go for it. Just a plain pasta with mushrooms, but the addition of caramelised red onion in the sauce gave it a depth that meant I scooped up all of the sauce at the end.

pasta at the glenferrie traders

Nothing special, but a perfectly serviceable meal (and alcohol paid for by the company).

Glenferrie Hotel
324 Burwood Road


Miss T said...

Oh the dirty Glenfezza! Site of so many drunken sprawling nights. I'm glad their recent decor upgrade has resulted in at least one good meal being available!

steph said...

Quite a flashy upgrade, too!