Sunday, 31 January 2010

deconstructed burritos

I'm not sure if this was part of a bid to end Same-Same Cookering (TM Miss T), or an effort to combine a number of comfort foods in to one, but recently we've been toying with the idea that a tortilla is quite similar in many ways to roti.

So we decided to try eating food on tortillas as if we were eating dahl and roti. This was a pretty genius idea.

deconstructed burrito thing

The rice was a brown rice with red beans concoction, and I served it with some refried beans (warm, heated from a can *cough*).

As little cool sides I added 'avocado carrot with garlic salad' and 'fresh mexican chile sauce,' both from A Taste of Mexico, an awesome vegetarian Mexican cookbook. The chile sauce was nicely spicy, and I got to use coriander from our balcony garden! The combination of grated carrot with avocado was also very nice. Also added some shredded iceberg lettuce, because we had some rolling around the fridge.

This was really simple, and really delicious! I love beans and rice.


Hannah said...

People who don't love beans and rice are just plain silly :P

But instead of coughing, might I ask what brand of refried beans you use? I've tended to opt for Amy's, but would be interested in what those "in the know" choose...

Vicki said...

Great idea! I actually love refried beans from a can.

Little Aspects said...

Beans and rice are the best. We had something very similar for dinner last week :-)

nora said...

This is a really fun idea! It's like a macro platter at a middle eastern restaurant or something, too!

steph said...

Hannah, you are right! Beans and rice are super delicious! We actually use the El Paso refried beans, much to my shame, mostly because that is all I have ever seen for sale!

Thanks Vicki! I never used to like them but I am coming to love them.

Thanks Little Aspects, nora. It was lots of fun and very delicious!

Hannah said...

Why, there's no need to be ashamed of using El Paso! I mean, just look at the name - it's got to be authentic, right? :D