Friday, 22 January 2010

pineapple tarts part two: de-glutening

Please see pineapple tarts part one: the jamening for previous adventures in pineapple tarts.

Last week's batch of pineapple tarts resulted in too much batter and insufficient jam quantities. Buoyed by my success of first time jam, I decided to go for a double batch of jam, using one large tin of crushed pineapple instead of one small tin of diced pineapple.

pineapple jam

This was a mistake! The jam started simmering away happily, then took one million trillion years to reduce, and then started burning to the base! The end result was a very strong pineapple jam, in the wrong colour, and of copious quantities! It was perfectly serviceable for experimenting, but I would probably not serve it to anyone!

The purpose of part two was to see if I could make this batch free from gluten.

pineapple tarts - batch 2

I would judge this as moderate success - the flavour of the pastry was a bit milder than I would ideally like it, and it didn't need as long in baking (the end result with the same baking time is a little stiff, clearly over cooked). The pastry goes stale after one day, but I was expecting that. Overall, however, I think I am foreseeing success in my gf pineapple tart future.


Johanna GGG said...

I have tried pineapple jam before and it was hard to do - my mum said something about all the acid in it but I can't remember what - makes it difficult.

re the pastry, I love using soy flour in my gf baking - I remember a long time ago being told that it add richness to the mix - just a thought for next time

steph said...

Ooh, thanks johanna, I will try adding some soy flour to the next batch!