Monday, 25 January 2010

things that didn't quite work

Here are some recent things I've cooked that haven't quite been as delicious as I might have hoped.

tempeh bolognaise pasta bake

SJ has this really awesome tempeh bolognaise recipe, which I have made several times as the sauce for plain pasta. We thought we'd see how this went as a pasta bake, since it allegedly goes amazingly as a lasagna sauce. I topped this with grated cheezly and some nutritional yeast/savoury yeast flakes, and it didn't go that well. The sauce was either too thin to hold to the pasta, or too thick with tempeh to hold to the pasta. The very top of it, encrusted with cheezly and nutritional yeast, was quite tasty though.

brown rice biriyani

The texture of this dish was perfect, and given it was brown rice I was quite pleased. However biriyani it was not. I followed this recipe ish, approximately anyway, and doubled the spices and added extra (garamasala, for example, featured heavily), and it was still kind of bland. Could have done with more spice. I might try this one again.

curried vege pasty

Lastly a curried vegetable pasty. Not sure where I got the recipe for this one, but again it was a bit bland, could have done with some more spices. Puff pastry covers many sins, but not all of them.


amanda said...

yeah.., been there done that,..a lot! mine was lasagna, I haven't found a good recipe for it, always falls apart. Blandness wise, I usually sprinkled some nanami pepper for japanese dish, ( ), sambal oelek for asian or most stir fried, yogurt for indian, or tomato sauce for anything else :)

steph said...

Yeah, I've yet to be really happy with a lasagna recipe.