Wednesday, 23 December 2009

yong green food, fitzroy

Extreme heat plus a lack of air conditioning in House of K + Toby saw us and Jo make an impromptu visit with them to the new vegetarian, somewhat organic and raw restaurant on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy this evening.

Please forgive the photos, they were taken on Danni's new N900.

We stepped inside, only to discover that although the air was slightly cooler, there was no air conditioning and no fans. So we started by ordering some drinks, a whole lot of mango lassis and I, the lone dissenter with a chocolate banana milkshake.

vegan mango lassi

Toby, last to arrive yet first to order, went for the Korean Barbecue with rice. I didn't get to try this; he commented that he liked the sauce, but the fake meat tasted 'like the cheap sort.'

korean bbq

K and I both opted for raw meals, as the restaurant heavily promotes this. Tempted by something I absolutely knew I wouldn't make at home, I ordered the rawsagne. At first bite, the cold density felt odd, but as I got used to its rawness I began to really enjoy it, and although the portion size looked small, I felt well sated by the end of it. I would eat this again.


K, claiming to not be that hungry (later proven a lie), ordered a serve of the raw sushi. I liked the novelty of this, the raw carrot playing a strong part, but I'm not sure I'd personally order this dish.

raw sushi

Danni and Jo ordered from the brief wraps menu; Jo a chickpea wrap with a side of noodle salad, and Danni a lentil wrap. The filling for both of these was very nice, but the portions were quite large and Danni at least had difficulty finishing.

raw chocolate cheezecake

To round out the meal, we ordered two raw vegan cheesecakes to share. There were three on the menu, and we deliberated, picking two; then they brought us all three, one on the house, declaring two just wouldn't be enough! This was lovely, and indicative of the service we had all night (friendly, accommodating, no hovering), but proved a problem for us in the end as we struggled to finish!

raw berry cheezecake

Totally worth it though. The three varieties were blackberry, green tea, and chocolate. A vote on the way back to Brunswick saw three votes for green tea and one vote for berry.

Lots of GF options. The menu is still a little limited, as they've only just opened, but there's a nice range available from which to choose.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street


K said...

The photos look fine to me! Your super quick with your blogging efforts too, well done!

Danni said...

@Kristy: ahahah. You should have seen them before.. VERY GREEN. Not so much with the AUTOMATIC white balancing, I suspect.

Fitzroyalty said...

It's fantastic to see a review of Yong so quickly!

steph said...

It's important to try these new places! :o)

Madeleine said...

It's great to see more restaurants opening in Melbourne with vegan and especially raw items on the menu. I'm going there tonight with a friend and I'll be happy to report back!