Sunday, 13 December 2009

soul food, fitzroy

On my first day back at work after a full week off, I had to spend all day in Fitzroy in meetings. So D took advantage of my location to meet me for lunch. Las Vegan being closed on Mondays, we thought we'd give Soul Food a go.

monster vegan brekkie at soul food

I recalled being told their lunches weren't great, so I reached for the breakfast menu. I was immediately drawn to the Monster Vegan Brekkie, and lacking anything else that really strongly tempted me, ordered it.

I really liked this! The hash browns were soft in the middle but crunchy on the outside (which I love). The scrambled tofu had this great flavour, I suspect from the caramelised onions. The bread was also pretty amazing, which was unexpected - I'm used to really thick bread being nice but difficult to chew, but this was fantastic.

potato and leek soup of the day at soul food

D ordered the Soup of the Day (always vegan and GF), which was potato and leek. This was good, and came with some nice turkish bread on the side (of which there could have been more). However it was a little bit salty.

Anyway, nice, if not mind-blowing, interlude, before I returned to meetings.

Soul Food Cafe
273 Smith St


Vicki said...

I think that is my favourite breakast in Melbourne.

steph said...

It was good! I would be amenable to ordering it again! (It was a tiny bit too much food, however)

Cindy said...

Mmm, that is on fine-looking hash brown! Do you recall if they can be ordered on the side, or as part of a smaller brekky?

steph said...

Sorry Cindy, no idea!

Johanna said...

yum - that looks delicious - I see you have been eating out lots of yummy things lately - I have always loved the salads at Soul Food for lunch but can't remember what I order with them - maybe bread or rice balls????

Johanna said...

oops can't remember if the salads are vegan (but the wheat berries one was always a favourite but can't remember if it is still there) sorry about dodgy memory this morning

steph said...

omg, riceballs with the salad, i bet that's delicious!

BrisVegan said...

I really want that breakfast!

steph said...

BrisVegan it was pretty delicious!