Saturday, 12 December 2009

walk against warming

The Walk Against Warming is today. Melbourne is 1200 at the State Library, Perth is 1100 at the Cultural Centre (ie, the stairs/amphitheatre outside Alexander Library).

I don't know about the accessibility of any of the routes.

Please go! Actions speak loudly, and all that.


Seitahn said...

We went today, but unfortunately my babies had had enough of standing around and listening to people speak. They just wanted to walk and make a human sign. So we ended up leaving at 1pm - right when they started to walk! Never mind - we went and showed our support anyways, that's all that matters.

steph said...

I thought it was not a great plan to have so much talking - I think half an hour, or three or four short talks, max. I had to leave for my FOE shift at 1230, which I had originally thought would be the same time they started walking!

On the other hand, last time I went to a WAW, the talks were at the end, but then everyone left so there were significantly fewer people to listen to the speeches. So I suspect it was calcuated.

Danni said...

Particularly with all the standing at the end to make the letters. Was so hungry and tired after.