Tuesday, 1 December 2009

char kueh teow + char siu

One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging a lot of food cooked at home is because I've been cooking a lot of high rotation stuff, most of which I've blogged about previously.

char kuey teow

If I blogged about char kueh teow every time I cooked it (or even every time I ate it), it would feature on this blog about once a fortnight. I cooked it again tonight - we were supposed to go out for dinner but everyone (bar me) fell asleep and couldn't be bothered leaving the house, so I nipped out to the shops and picked up some kueh teow noodles and whipped this up.

Thanks to a post by Tahn I found some mock cha siu at a shop in Preston (Big 8 亚洲食品). The cha siu is average (not terrible but not as awesome as the stuff I used to buy from Lotus), and the shop had a good range of other staples, so it's a good reason to head to Preston more often (as it's right near La Panella)!.

Anyway. Char kueh teow. It's awesome. You can find a previously blogged recipe for char kueh teow here.


Seitahn said...

That looks delicious! Checked out the recipe...where do you get the fresh noodles from? Do you add both the tofu AND the cha siu or is it one or the other?

Girl on Raw said...

Are you kidding me!!! I love char kueh teow!!! I used to make it for my Chinese/Australian boyfriend over 10 years ago when his mother taught me how to make it. I love that you have veganised it!!! YUMBO

steph said...

Tahn, I get the fresh noodles from my local iga (yay!) but they should be available from a lot of Chinese grocers. Sometimes they're only available on certain days of the week. They'll be in the fridge near the other refrigerated noodles, if they are in stock.

I add the tofu AND the cha siu. The tofu is like an egg replacement.

Girl on Raw - yeah, it was one of the first things I veganised! Can't live without my favourite dish!

Seitahn said...


I'm Philippa O said...

my favorite!

steph said...

mine too, pip!