Thursday, 3 December 2009

tom phat, brunswick

This morning we attempted to find this cafe on Victoria Street that Toby recommended, and failed, so we meandered down Sydney Road to try out the scrambled tofu at Tom Phat.

tofu at tom phat

It was awesome! It had a really great flavour, and was definitely worth the visit. Seen here with a side of hash browns eta not vegan! :o(, though I think some added avocado would have been appropriate, as the bread was served with no spreads or oil. The tofu has to be requested without feta.


I also tried a 'sunrise,' cranberry, apple, and orange juice. This was tart but delicious, and a great morning drink.

All up, great brunch!

Tom Phat
184 Sydney Rd

Open Wednesday to Sunday
GF options


Vicki said...

Yay, I am glad you posted this because I am going there on Sunday for brekky with a mate & now I am very excited about it!

Anonymous said...

yummm! I dont know if you eat egg, but the hash browns arent vegan.. they have egg in them... just so you know xoxo

Eloise said...

they also do this ridiculously good sticky wrap (tempeh i think). you have to go back for lunch now :D

lisa said...

Yum! Still yet to try it, but it's on the list. Sucks about the egg-y hash browns, they look yum!

Léna, said...

were you trying to find ray's? i feel like toby is always trying to pimp out this place though it is always packed (esp. on weekends, watch out!) so its not like they really need the shout out. their baked beans and coffee are both delicious though. its on victoria street off of sydney rd, if you take a tram its LEFT off of sydney rd coming from the city, without crossing the rd on victoria st. just after the laundromat. hope you find it next time, sucks when you make special trips to a place without success!

steph said...

vicki have a good time! it's delicious.

carla oh poo! i don't eat egg, i hate when that happens :o( thanks for letting me know!

eloise i've had the sticky tempeh wrap, it is excellent!

lisa, yeah boo, but the tofu was still tasty.

lena, yeah, we were trying to find ray's. toby is ALWAYS talking about it, i thought it must be small and underpatroned! we headed in that direction, but i guess we didn't walk far enough, i'm sure we walked past the laundromat though! oh well, maybe next time.

Léna, said...

its across the rd from a big place that sells wooden furniture and a massive butcher, if that helps in any way. hopefully you'll find it next time yr down brunswick-way and can shut toby up about it :D