Tuesday, 8 December 2009

a penang affair, fitzroy

Continuing in my hunt for an adequate CKT in this city, I was working in Fitzroy today and took the opportunity to try out the char kueh teow at Penang Affair.

char kueh teow at a penang affair

It was great. Very vegetable-filled, which is not the usual thing (beanshoots and spring onions only). Lots of mushrooms, bean shoots, snow peas, and some broccoli, and some tofu puffs sliced thin. The wok hei was not as strong as I am used to, however.

Although the CKT was very filling, I allowed myself to be upsold by the Chinese-Malaysian uncle who owns the restaurant. Lunchtime special is $13.50 for an entree and a main, so, having finished my main, and not quite bao le, I ordered a serve of spring rolls.

spring rolls at a penang affair

These were pretty good also! But good spring rolls are easy to find; good char kueh teow less so.

I will definitely return for the char kueh teow at Penang Affair again, and I look forward to sampling the rest of the menu. Although the restaurant is not vegetarian, the manager there is strict vegetarian, and as a result there are a lot of things on the menu that are already suitable or easily modified for vegans. And I've just noticed on the menu that they have a vegetarian laksa, how did I not notice this before? Maybe it's better than every other laksa I've had in Melbourne (not hard).

Lots of Gluten Free options available. We are totally going here for my birthday (note it in your books).

Penang Affair
325 Brunswick St

Closed Mondays


Anonymous said...

Oh, amazing! I used to read your blog a couple months ago when I was still vegan and now YOU'VE just moved to Melbourne, where I am moving on Sunday- and now that i've been reading your blog + other vegan melbourne blogs since 4am, i'm definitely more inspired to go back on the veg track again. Can't wait.

steph said...

Hi Dispassionfruit! Being vegan is really easy in Melbourne - I mean, it was doable in Perth, especially if you're not huge on heavily processed stuff, but going out was definitely a struggle! But yeah, it's good. I hope you find it easier, maybe you should come along to a vegan potluck or something sometime! :o)