Saturday, 10 April 2010

a couple of pubs, east brunswick + fitzroy

We did two pub meals last weekend (I'm almost finished blogging these meals, honestly!). The first was Monday night, at the EBC. We've visited the EBC many times in the past, and usually I'd go for the vegan parma but I was drifted in to nacho territory. It was really good.

a nacho parma

Danni and Jo shared the nacho parma, which is exactly what it sounds - a vegan parma, covered in corn chips, vegan chilli, vegan sour cream + cheese and some guacamole. It was amazing! I am totally trying this some time. I can't believe it's been on the menu all this time and I've never noticed it! It's like two of the greatest meals ever combined into one!

Las Vegan was still closed for the break on Tuesday, so we headed up to Grumpy's Green, to which none of us had ever been. I've heard many mixed things about Grumpy's! It was quiet on Tuesday, so the service was pretty prompt.

tower burger at grumpy's green

Christine and I both ordered the Tower Burger. The patty was nice, and the serving was fine, but without the pesto and mayonnaise (I take the absence to mean the pesto and mayonnaise are not vegan) it was a little bit bland.

summer wrap at grumpy's green

Danni ordered the Summer Wrap. The avocado really set this off, it was not exciting but it wasn't bad. Again with the missing mayonnaise and pesto. Is it that hard to get vegan versions of this stuff in a vegetarian pub? Really?

At least the chips were crinkle cut. Everyone knows that makes them tastier.

What was excellent, though, was the infused vodka - Christine was quite taken by the coffee infused vodka.

EBC one, two, three.

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick

Grumpy's Green
125 Smith Street


Johanna GGG said...

wow those vegan meals at grumpy greens look disappointing - I get so annoyed when people think that when you ask for a vegetarian alternative you mean that you just want their salad on the side without the meat - makes me realise why some people think veg food is crap - because they way they make it, it is! It doesn't take much work to think through alternatives - especially if you are running a business that feeds people!

Georgie said...

I was similarly disappointed by Grumpy's lack of vegan options. Asked about soy cheese, and they wanted to slap on a $4 surcharge. $1 or $2 maybe, but $4? Haven't been back since sorry to say.

Vicki said...

I went to EBC 2 weeks ago & was so tempted to get the nacho parma but didn't & now I really wish that I had - looks delicious.

lisa said...

NACHO PARMA? Wow. That kind of makes me feel queasy.

PS am I the only person who hates crinkle cut chips?

steph said...

@Johanna: yeah, it puzzles me when people do that! and it doubley puzzles me that it happens at vego establishments - you think they'd understand!

@Georgie: $4! I am astounded! That's not cool.

@Vicki: give it a go, I had one bite and it was awesome.

@lisa nooo nacho parma sounds DELICIOUS. and crinkle cut chips are the best! they make everything taste better. seriously!

Toby said...

I heard Grumpy Green made their own vegan cheese but they always have to throw it out cause nobody ordered it.

No sure if it is true. They should have advertise it cause we vegan will travel to st alban or Daylesford just for rad vegan food.