Tuesday, 13 April 2010

butterfly cafe, camberwell

Continuing on the breakfast theme, Danni and Jo went out for lunch and ate breakfast in Camberwell before continuing on for some hard but successful vegan shoe shoppering.

Although the menu is sadly absent of vegan items, the chef is very happy to alter things to make up what was by all reports some delicious meals!

tomato and avocado on toast

This avocado and tomato salad on toast is a nice change from a straight avocado on toast, I think! Danni reports that the avocado was really enhanced by a sprinkling of sea salt, and the tomato was nice but a bit solid.

mushrooms (with thyme) on toast

They also ordered the field mushrooms with feta and thyme on toast, minus the feta. Reports from the front line are that the mushrooms were lush and juicy, and the toast 'was really good, too, though it could have done with some nuttelex.'

I know we're trying to branch out from the avocado and toast provided by all cafes across Melbourne to us vegans, but still, deliciousness is okay!

Cindy and Michael visited it a while ago, you can find their review here. Doesn't seem like they change their menu much (not that that is a bad thing!).

Butterfly Cafe
25 Cookson St


Cindy said...

Off topic, but: were they shoe shopping anywhere special? I'm on the lookout for some winter boots...

Joanne said...

Cindy - no, nowhere special. I didn't end up finding anything great, just something that satisfied my most basic criteria. I wish I could recommend to you something awesome!

Cindy said...

Not to worry. I'm toying with splurging on some Vegan Wares but am browsing for cheaper alternatives first. :-)

Danni said...

For the record: there were 100% synthetic boots in Betts and Spendless Shoes.