Thursday, 29 April 2010

dahl pies

dahl pies after cooking

On Saturday, we ended up with a lot of extra lentils at FoE. A LOT of extra lentils. So I brought some home, and Danni (with assistance from Jo) made some pie. The lentils were a bit runny, so Jo thickened them up, and then there was some potato cooking to coat the lentils in sweet potatoes and garlic and nutritional yeast. And then the pies went in the oven.

And then they were DELICIOUS.

This is just one thing that we sometimes do with leftovers (also I put the rest of these leftovers in a very tasty lasagna, but more on that later).

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Johanna GGG said...

Leftover lentils is a wonderful thing! I had mushrooms that seemed to be stuffed with dahl at Grumpy's Green last weekend - never thought of doing that before but I guess it could work for stuffing other vegetables too