Saturday, 10 April 2010

empire cafe, brunswick

We ended up at the Empire Cafe for breakfast on the recommendation of a Perth friend of Christine's. At first we were a bit concerned, as the menu didn't look super vegan-friendly, but Danni and I had this feeling that Pip has spoken well of it in the past, and there was a little note at the bottom of the menu saying they were happy to cater for dietary requirements, so we persevered.

And indeed, they were very happy to cater for us!

veggie burger FOR BREKKIE

Even though it was breakfast time, Christine went for the veggie burger. This was massive and looked delicious, and Christine said it was good! I would love to drop by and try this for lunch one day.

miscellaneous breakfast at empire

Danni and I both had variations of stuff on toast. Danni went for a mushrooms on toast, and I went for mushrooms and tomatoes with hashbrowns on toast. I love a good hashbrown, and these ones were vegan! Hooray! Mushrooms were flavoursome but a bit dry, but overall the breakfast was cheap and good.

I think there were GF options on the menu, but not extensive.

The Empire Cafe
295 Sydney Road

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