Thursday, 8 April 2010

vegie hut ii, box hill

Sunday morning we rolled out and onto the train and meandered our way down to the Vegie Hut in Box Hill. The last attempt at yum cha wasn't super successful, because as it turns out they scale it down during CNY! Whatever, Vegie Hut!

This one was much better.

radish cakes a whole lot of deliciousness

Didn't take photos of everything, because when you've seen one bao you've seen them all. We ordered cha siu bao, mock duck noodles (with maifun), a wonton soup, radish cakes, gailan, sticky rice, grilled dumplings, spinach dumplings, crispy tofu skin, and mock beef ribs in black bean sauce.

chee cheong fun (my favourite)

But best of all was the chee cheong fun, which isn't on the menu, but is available anyway! HOORAY. Chee cheong fun is my favourite favourite of all, it is deliciousness and I am happy to know that we can get it if we ask for it! Hooray!

mock duck noodles

vegie hut one

Vegie Hut
984 Whitehorse Road,
Box Hill


Hannah said...

I've never in my life asked a restaurant for something that isn't on the menu! I feel very much like the dining-out version of a toddler :)

Also, I had to google chee cheong fun because I'm not very up on the yum cha lingo - it does sound mighty deeelicious!

steph said...

Oh Hannah, chee cheong fun is my FAVOURITE. it gets filled with all sorts of exciting things.

I love asking for things off the menu. It's like a sign of being in the know! ;oP

Danni said...

@hannah: in this case, we saw it go past, even though it wasn't on the menu.

I love places that have secret non-menu items. Back in pre-gan days, there used to be this smoothie place that did something called an Optus (it was invented by some people who worked for Optus in the same building), it wasn't on the menu, but it was fantastic.