Monday, 3 May 2010

gurkhas nepalese restaurant, brunswick

Although we only live a few hundred metres North of Gurkhas in Brunswick, we only got around to trying some of their curries last week, when we were feeling a little lazy.

The vego menu is pretty extensive, and after perusing it for a bit I gave them a call, and we were lucky - everything we wanted was vegan!

vegie curry from the Gurkhas vegie curry from the Gurkhas

Looks a bit same, but we ordered the mixed vegetable curry and the aloo kopi, because it's one of my favourites. The mixed vegetable curry had some seasonal vegetables in it, and was a bit bland. The aloo kopi was good though, the potatoes had a really nice flavour and I enjoyed this one.

Served it with some rice we cooked up at home and it was relatively cheap, too. Which is always excellent.

Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant
414 Sydney Road

gluten-free available


lisa said...

Have you been to Green Fields yet? It's just opposite Radical Grocery. Good and abundant and cheap food!

steph said...

@lisa, do you know if green fields delivers? I mean, I suppose I could force myself to walk down the road, but we really only get take out when we're feeling reaaalllyyyy lazy. and I keep forgetting to try it out!