Tuesday, 5 April 2011

trippy taco ii, collingwood

I love Trippy Taco, and I spend a lot of time in Collingwood + Fitzroy, so it surprises me that I don't go there more. However I have been there twice in recent weeks, and both times I ordered the same thing.

Usually I am all over the tofu asada burrito (it is giant, and the most amazing ever), but a while back Danni went on and on about how amazing the nachos were, so it was to these I was drawn.

takeaway nachos

These are massive! This is the small, and I would seriously recommend sharing it. The first time I went recently, Danni and I shared this, along with a serve of the Trippy Fries (after checking they were vegan, of course; if you haven't heard, recently and temporarily their fries were not even vegetarian), and the fries were actually too much, I felt sick afterwards from too much food.

These nachos, size aside, are seriously delicious. The corn chips are hand cut and have this great flavour, and the combination of the black beans with the salsa and the avocado and the vegan cheese is super tasty. They are my new favourites.

Having not learnt my lesson re: suitable amounts of food, on the weekend I met up with E, nix, db and nix's friend who is also E, and we had too many people to fit inside (and also there were no tables), so we ordered takeaway and sat in the little paved area on the corner of Gertrude and Smith. And I ordered not only the nachos (small), but also the choco-banana dessert tortilla.

These nachos were still super tasty, but sadly stone cold. If I had been any closer to TT, I would have taken them back, but that whole 100 metres (and a crossing of Smith Street!) was just too far for me. I think what happened was that the choco-banana melt was my downfall and took longer than the nachos to cook/was ready much later, because it was still piping hot when I went to eat it after my nachos. And was it worth it?

vegan banana-choc melt

It disappoints me to admit: not really! Nachos still totally worth it, but I wasn't really that in to the dessert tortilla. After a year and a half of reeeaaaally wanting to try one, this was definitely unfortunate.

Perhaps I have learnt my lesson?

Trippy Taco
48a Smith St

Gluten Free available
Really bad for accessibility! A step up, and a hallway that's too small to maneuver down even if you're TAB, and it's always poorly lit.

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Cindy said...

Much as I want to love the dessert tortilla, I just don't think they do it for me either.

I want to try TT's dessert tamale, though! Unfortunately they weren't doing tamales at all last time I visited. :-(

Theresa said...

I can see how a dessert tortilla has lots of potential, but based on my experience with PB&J tortillas, I can also see how it might be a bit disappointing. Those nachos look so good though. Next time I'm in Melbourne I'm going to order an inappropriate amount of food and eat until I feel ill...

K said...

what's this about the fries???

I recently had the nachos, actually 3 times and one time they had new vegan cheese. I forgot to ask what it was though, so am a tad worries.

steph said...

Cindy, I would like to try the dessert tamale! Maybe I'll like them better than the tortilla.

Theresa oh you must do it! It's totally worth it!

K there was a rumour going around about two months ago that TT had a sign on their menus saying 'sorry our chips aren't vegetarian today!' or something!

Cindy said...

There was definitely an issue in the past (though I thought it was a couple of years ago at least) where they couldn't guarantee their fries were vegetarian. I imagined it was a pre-cooked-by-the-supplier-maybe-in-tallow thing.

Caeli said...

Hello :)

I follow your blog quite regularly, and was hoping you'd be able to help me out. I moved from melbourne to hobart last year, and have since been out of the loop with many melbourne eateries. I'm going back next weekend for my birthday and my family are going to take me to lunch/dinner somewhere and I don't know where to go! I looove shakahari, but i've been there for probably the past 6 or so special occasions, so it's probably time to mix it up. Could you offer any advice?

Thanks :)

steph said...

Cindy I know it was a thing in the past, but I heard it as a temporary-and-current rumour in recent months, too, which really surprised me.

Caeli, have you considered Jaques Reymond? :o)

Two fit and fun gals said...

i love tacos this looks yum!