Monday, 18 April 2011

baking from babycakes

I've been a little bit intrigued by Babycakes ever since I first heard of it; however I have little chance of visiting the shop any time in the near future, so it was with delight that I borrowed the Babycakes cookbook from Emilly.

gingerbread cake from the babycakes cookbook

I've tried baking two things so far. The first was the gingerbread cake, which I first tried at Emilly's birthday. I was taken by how moist and delicious this cake was. The added pumpkin makes it really moist. I cheated and made a very sugary cream cheese topping instead of making the frosting in the book, but the cream cheese complemented it quite well.

The cake itself was tasty, but it dried out very quickly, which is a shame as it makes quite a lot, so there was a lot to get through.

apple and cinnamon muffins from the babycakes cookbook
look at all that spare apple!

I followed this up with the apple and cinnamon muffins. I get really grumpy at recipes like this, where they tell you to do something (roast eight apples) and then you only use a portion of the end product (one cup of roasted apples). It is a good thing I was feeling lazy and only ended up roasting five apples.

There were other modifications I made as I went on, most of them already written in pencil in the cookbook; significantly reduced the amount of agave and the amount of vanilla essence (two tablespoons!), and some other modifications I cannot recall as the book is not in front of me.

Overall I've found the book a tasty experience so far, though of course I will require more testing in order to truely guage how I feel about the book.


Theresa said...

Ooh, I've been curious about babycakes cookbook. I don't have any problems with gluten, or sugar, but wouldn't mind playing around anyways.

I wonder if those cupcakes would be better if you freeze the extras before they get a chance to dry out?

x said...

I've had mixed results from the first Babycakes cookbook, the brownies are fantastic.

I haven't made either of the recipes your tried, but I'm happy they worked out, I will try them out soon