Friday, 15 April 2011

pre-MICF noms, melbourne cbd

I went to see another MICF show (Fear of A Brown Planet) with Danni, and we decided to go on a hunt for dumplings. Nix had introduced me to Shanghai Village a few weeks earlier, and in our rush to catch a movie for MQFF I hadn't stopped to take photos.

Dumplings @ Shanghai Village
photo by danni

Shanghai Village has the usual decor, and very fast service. Both times I've been now I have been able to get a table without too much fuss. The tea is over-steeped but free. We ordered a serve of steamed dumplings and a serve of fried. They're filled with the same things: mushrooms, spinach, carrot, tofu and spring onions (I think); but I like the steamed ones more.

This amazing dumpling feast cost $13.50, shared between two, and it was almost too much to finish.


Last night I saw my final MICF shows (Hannah Gadsby and Claudia O'Doherty), and I had been thinking about soup all day, so Emilly and I met up at The Soup Place for a quick meal. I'd never been here before, and I'm trying hard to find new dinner places to go to before shows that aren't just LotF (as evidenced by trying out the dumplings).


All of their soups are dairy free and gluten-free, so their vegetarian ones are also vegan (they don't put egg in them either), which gave me a big choice to choose from! I went the pumpkin, to which I added a little bit of chilli and salt, and it was perfect, exactly what I was after! Emilly went for the lentil and vegetable, which she said needed a bit of salt but otherwise was good. The bowls are big and at only $8.90, not bad for a quick meal before a show. Or before two shows.

Shanghai Village
112 Little Bourke St

The Soup Place
14 Centre Place


Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

I saw Fear of a Brown Planet last night!

Mmm dumplings :) said...

Oh man, now I'm going to have to get dressed & leave the house so I can get dumplings!

RFK said...

Hi there! I've always been weary of having dumplings at Chinese eateries because i've been told that the dumpling skins often contain lard in them. On top of that, whether MSG is used or not in the dumplings. Would you be able to help clarify this please? Are the vege dumplings at Shanghai village good to go then for vegetarians/vegans?

Thanks :)

steph said...

Hi RFK! Dumpling skins rarely have lard in them, usually just flour and water! Some places definitely use MSG but I'm not sure if Shanghai Village is one of them. I've always had good service at Shanghai Village as a vegan, and no problems ordering veggie stuff there.