Wednesday, 27 April 2011

mini cheezecakes

I went on a picnic and baked some mini cheezecakes (as the birthday girl didn't want an actual cake).

mini cheesecakes

These cakes were coincidentally based on the cheezecake I baked for Em last year, but why change a delicious cake? I love this cheezecake a lot, and I've been a bit obsessed with mini things lately, so it seemed like a good time to give them a go.

I only needed about three quarters of the biscuit base mixture, so it's a shame I accidentally poured the whole packet in to get mushed, as there is now a whole heap of biscuit mixture in my fridge! I pressed about five millimetres of biscuit in to the cupcake containers. A note: use foil cups ONLY. Do not use paper cups. It will end in tears and recriminations when you go to eat it the next day.

Other than that alle the ingredients remained the same. I poured the cake filling in to the cake cups, on top of the bases, and put in to bake at 180C for a while. Then I let them cool completely, and made the berry compote and poured it on top. Rich, delicious success!

The picnic was lots of fun, it was a perfect day for it. Shar brought soup, which was super delicious, and Danni made the most successful pizza ever. And there was scrabble! And surprisingly I enjoyed watching season one of Friends.


vegiebug said...

These look exactly like mini cheesecakes we sell at my cafe! So professional! Delicious - the recipe seems so simple.

Anonymous said...

Em adores this cheezecake so much! and actually likes big cakes, just not the whole have lots of people stare at you as they sing you a birthday song asian thing.

steph said...

Yay Em I'm glad you adore it! I would never make you endure happy birthday, I hate it too.

Thanks vegiebug! The recipe is very simple and super delicious.