Tuesday, 14 September 2010

urban burger, richmond

a post that is not about noodles! (it is but a brief respite only, dear readers; there are noodles approaching upon the horizon)

urban burgers

I've now been to The Corner Hotel to see gigs twice; most recently, to see The Whitlams. How I ♥ The Whitlams. And do you know what they opened the show with? I make hamburgers! HOW CONVENIENT. ETA: CRUELLY, Danni has pointed out that they in fact opened with 'I will not go quietly,' thus undermining THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF MY PARAGRAPH. Whatever, I love that song. ("That's a salad roll, I said, and we started going out.")

Convenient because, before the show, there was some Urban Burgering. They've got a vegan burger; they've also got a couple of vego burgers that are easy to veganise, and still pretty tasty (unlike certain vego pubs I could mention).

And the chips were nice! Also it was pretty quiet for a Friday night, so the service was fast.

Would nom again!

Urban Burger
174 Swan Street


Hannah said...

The amount of times a month I spontaneously burst into a rendition of blow up the pokies probably can't be counted. Hurrah for the Whitlams! Friends of mine once went to see them perform at Tilleys in Canberra then, the next morning, breakfasted at the table next to them at the same place. Alas! I was busy thesis-ing, and missed out. Boo.

P.S. I love the noodle posts. Bring it on.

steph said...

I love seeing the Whitlams perform! It is always pretty great.

Ruth said...

I always wanted to like Urban Burger, as they do some creative things with their veggie burgers, but they're such tight-arses with the condiments, I was always let down by the taste of dry bun and very little else.