Sunday, 12 September 2010

discobeans cafe and artspace, northcote


Em and I went to Discobeans for dinner. I was, I will admit, slightly inebriated on half priced margaritas from Taco Bills, but we were both reaaaalllllyyyy looking forward to trying it out, especially as it had been talked up by Toby. Delicious Japanese food! Fun space! Oh yeah!

I am sad to report that both Em and I were so disappointed by our meals that we decided not to risk it to try the dessert.

noodles at discobeans

Em went for the soba noodles in soup (swapped out for rice noodles). We love noodles in soup! And yet - so disappointing! These were the saltiest soup noodles ever. It was as if an entire cup of soy sauce had been poured in to the broth. I have seen Em drink up the soup after finishing her noodles, but not this time.

the belly plate at discobeans

I ordered the belly plate (I think that's what it's called). This dish was ok, though the rice+quinoa combo was dry and the vegetables were bland. The tempeh was nice, as was the peanut sauce. The black beans were also a bit average. So yeah - okay, but nothing special at all.

SADFACE! Good service, though. And nice that they have gluten-free options. Just - sad about the food. :o(

Discobeans Cafe and Artspace
238 High St

gluten-free available


K said...

Such a shame you didn't enjoy it. Toby and I are addicted and have been about 4 times. The owner seems really nice too and has the cutest little son.

I'm super appreciate too because it's super rare to have japanese + vegan + gluten free.

Hayley said...

OH NO! I loved Disco Beans when I went a few weeks ago. This dissent and unrest clearly points to an inevitable DISCO BEANS RUMBLE! *clicks fingers menacingly, a la West Side Story*

steph said...

@K - I'm hoping it was just an off night! Perhaps if you keep going and declaring it wonderful I will try it again.

@Hayley - I reckon I could take you in a West Side Story style rumble. Probably Toby + K, too.

em! said...

There was sadly, nothing enjoyable about drinking a bowl of soy sauce filled with one inari and maybe 3 thinly sliced mushrooms...