Saturday, 18 September 2010

puppy farm awareness rally

i'm planning to go to the puppy farm awareness rally being held tomorrow (sunday 19th) at parliament house, melbourne.

anyone else planning to go?


Precious Pig said...

Yay! It'll be a big one. I'll be there with UMAPS. Will you stay for the bbq?

steph said...

I didn't realise that there was a bbq option! THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Precious Pig said...

Indeed! Someone mentioned the bbq on a facebook post and everyone went brain!splode!meat!hypocrisy!

Seriously, as if meat was ever an option. Catch up, people!

I suspect there will be many opportunities to nom, in fact.

steph said...

omg, when i read your comment, for a moment i thought you were saying that OF COURSE it will be a meaty bbq and i was all, "...?"


i look forward to many opportunities for vegan noms.

Precious Pig said...

hehe sorry! :P